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Canary Islands: Best Places to Go Fishing

What is the Best Season to Go Fishing in the Canary Islands?

On the islands there is no restriction on fishing (unless there is a specific event). From January 1 to December 31 you will find all kinds of fish in its waters.

However, as is to be expected, and although the climate is much milder than on the Peninsula, the temperatures are also changeable there and, therefore, you will not always find the same fish in the same areas.

Autumn is especially suitable for offering the maximum temperature in the waters. However, it will depend to a large extent on the species you have in your sights because, as we say, sport fishing It is practiced successfully throughout the year.

What are the Best Fishing Spots and Areas in the Canary Islands?

Fishing in the Canary Islands is not practiced in lakes or rivers. These are minimal and poor, so if you want to enjoy an exciting and fruitful day, your place is sea ​​fishing. The Punta de La Restinga marine reserve, in El Hierro is ideal for those fishermen who want to practice professional fishing with line (delimited) as well as the one that is carried out with traditional tackle from the area.

It is, without a doubt, an opportunity to carry out the activity in a different way and according to tradition and one’s own arts. We talk about fishing with a hookwith salemera, shrimp trap, moray eel drum or with pelagic gueldera for bait.

if you want to perform recreational scuba diving with a boat you can do it bordering the reserve. It requires authorization but we assure you that the views are spectacular.

In La Graciosa and the islets in the north of Lanzarote we ran into another marine reserve is the one you can troll migratory pelagics and practice recreational fishing with a hook on the coast of La Graciosa and between Punta del Palo and La Cantería occidental in Lanzarote and with a hook in a boat within the reserve. Authorization is required in all cases.

If you want to fish on the surface, the truth is that you will always find something. To highlight some points, stop by the jetty of El Burrero in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or Avenida Marítima. From a boat it is worth approaching to the port of Pasito Blanco and, if you’re in the mood, to Puerto Rico, which is very close.

The northeast tip of the island is ideal for practice spearfishing. Also the southern tip of La Palma, the southeast of La Gomera or the northern tip of El Hierro to the Tamaduste.

Canary Islands fishing map

What Types of Species Can be Fished in the Canary Islands?

The coastline of the islands, of more than 1000 kilometers It is, as you can imagine, very rich in marine species. One of the most positive aspects of fishing in the Canary Islands is that, due to the formation of insular platforms, we find both a good density of specimens of species that live in shallow water at the same time that those that do inhabit deeper are very close to the coast because we are literally in the middle of the ocean. That is, we find everything and in the best conditions.

The most common fish you can catch here, if you are willing to dive in, They are the salemas, the groupers, the bogas, the viejas, the cabrillas and the bream. If you are given to trolling you will find sardines and mackerel in handfuls and good tuna. On shore the fish par excellence is the carangid.

Marlin fishing in the Canary Islands

Even if you decide to take a fishing trip inland, you can get close to the azores islands to try to spot a good marlin a species that drops by there during the summer to feed and enjoy the good weather at more than reasonable distances from the shore.

Be careful because there are certain prohibitions regarding the fishing of species. The angel fish, the blue shark or the white the Sharks Sphyrna, eusphyrathresher, basking, porbeagle, spiny drum, landsprout, tabby, eel, rosemary skipper, American snapper, black croaker, speckled moray eel, seahorse, giant manta ray, reef manta ray, certain species of sawfish and ray Mobula They are untouchable, and there is an express obligation to return them to the sea after accidental capture.

The same happens with the lobster from El Hierro and the antenna as well as with molluscs such as the busio lampas and the variegated the pussy, the majorera limpet, the barrel galea and the pennata, the oyster, the fan or the abalone. Know the best places for fishing in spain from here.

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