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Best Places to go Fishing in Asturias

What types of fishing are practiced in Asturias?

With the number of rivers and tributaries found in the area, river fishing It is the most common and effective at the individual level, although we will also find great catches at sea. Depending on the area, we are going to find that The Principality of Asturias allows us to practice practically any type of fishing.

For example, at the mouth of the Sella we find perfect conditions for fishing with a float and bottom. Arnao’s beach is known for the success of those who they fish doing surfcasting. In teverga It is common to find fishermen practicing fly. The port of Vialélez and the beach of Cadavedo They allow us to obtain very good catches from the rock.

Idyllic places to fish in Asturias

The variety of areas and the diversity of species make sport fishing widely practiced, being Asturias in the top of places where it is practiced in our country, Spain. It stands out, due to the crystalline nature of many of its waters and the beauty that it allows us to discover, spearfishing near shore.

It is not, at all, highly practiced if we compare it with the rest, but it is interesting because it is a modality that cannot be practiced anywhere. Of course, the area is very rich not only in species but in number of specimens, so it is also of great importance industrial offshore fishing.

What are the best places and dates to go fishing in Asturias?

Asturias is one of the best communities in our country for fishing due to the wealth of water masses it presents. We find seven main basins, from the rivers Eo, Navia, Esva, Nercea-Nalón, Sella, Cares-Deva and Sil. Of course, there are other secondary basins, highlighting the coastal ones.

This Autonomous Community has 345 kilometers of coastline. This translates into a huge number of beaches and many river flows that end up in the sea. This land offers steep cliffs, limestone soils, mountains almost on the coast, rich estuaries, clear waters, pedreros, small coves, port piers…

All this is seasoned with a humid and temperate climate that allows us to find, without straying too far from the coast, all kinds of marine species. This means that, really, any body of water in Asturias is perfect for fishing, you will always find a fish willing to bite.

To highlight a few points, we have the river Piloña, the beach of Zeluán, in Gozón, the port of Cudillero, the estuary of Navia, the lighthouse of San Juan, the reservoir of San Andrés or Luarcaa place that has two breakwaters and a port.

Fishing areas in Asturias

The salmon areas, named in this way because they find abundant transit of salmon, one of the most sought after species in the Principality of Asturias. By the way, in addition to salmon, the fish that we are going to find the most in the waters of the Autonomous Community are sea ​​bass, mullet, flounder, sea trout and brown trout.

Although each species differs in terms of dates of maximum mobility, the truth is that, due to the characteristics of the place, the fishing season begins with the arrival of springat the end of March, April and May being the best times to practice fishing in Asturias.

But don’t worry because precisely These weather conditions allow us to extend the activity until Novembercounting, in this way, with one of the longest fishing seasons in the country.

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What type of license is needed to fish in Asturias?

license to fish in Asturias

in this community a fishing license is required. This consists of a nominal document, obviously non-transferable and that does not authorize fishing in the company of its beneficiary. It is used to carry out the activity in bodies of water in the Principality that are categorized as Free Zones.

This license is issued by the Vice Ministry of Environment and Territorial Planning, with terms and procedures that vary depending on each type. stands out the interatomic licensewhich will allow you to practice fishing also in Castilla y León, Extremadura, Madrid, the Valencian Community, Aragon and Galicia.

Its obtaining requires a telematic request and a payment of fees by credit card. To go to a fishing reserve, whatever the type, a different permit called Fishing Permit. There are two types, general and of a tourist nature, for foreign fishermen.

It is also nominal and non-transferable but in this case it is issued by the General Directorate of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and they are given with limited supply, in specific terms and even draws are held if there are more requests than documents to be distributed during the year.

You can too get your professional fishing or diving title and sport fishing by passing the corresponding exam. However, these are not necessary to practice the activity, unless there are specific days that so agree.

In any case, the provision of these documents obliges us to comply with the fishing regulations in Asturias, including protected species, fishing areas, business hours, baits allowed.

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