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Best Fishing Place in Spain

What Types of Fishing are Practiced in Spain?

When talking about an entire country, it is difficult to sieve because, in one place or another, we always end up being able to practice any type of fishing. It doesn’t matter if you are from surfcasting, fly, diving or whatever occurs to you, you can design a fishing trip in Spain practicing what you are best at or what interests you the most and you will always have very good catches if you go to the right place.

For commercial fishing, more of the same. We fish at high altitude, offshore and inshore, using trawling, seine and longline techniques.

What are the Best Places and Dates to Fish in Spain?

Let’s discover some must-see destinations on your fishing adventure in Spain:

Map of fishing areas in Spain

Canary Islands

It stands out a lot since, due to its location, this area offers catches that are very different from those found in the rest of the national territory, which is why there is a strong tourist demand for fishing. You have Punta de La Restringa, on the island of El Hierro, where traditional arts are very important, Pasito Blanco to go by boat or La Graciosa.


very rich in river fishing, this community is one of the best known by lovers of sport fishing. All its bodies of water are very rich, as its climate allows it. However, you have those that are directly known as salmon areas, estuaries like Navia or rivers like Esva, Sella, Eo or Sil they are plagued Counting on the fishing season as such, we recommend you go in spring, although the temperate and humid environment makes the place rich in specimens all year round.


The fishing season officially occurs between March and July. During those dates, the waters have more specimens than ever, however, going during the rest of the year is not crazy either (the worst time is winter), as these waters are very rich, both inland and on the coast.

Rocky areas are especially recommended, being the case of Or Portino or Carreiroa. Other places of interest on the coast are the Canelinas cove or the island of Santo. Obviously, what is known about Galicia are its estuaries and its rivers and, for this purpose, we recommend La Coruña, Ensenada de Orzán, the rivers Miño, Ulla, Ladra and Eume as well as the fishing village of Sada or tips like Seixo Branco, Boidecanto and Camposa.

Strait of Gibraltar

It does not stand out for quantity or variety in a conventional way because there is no depth. However, if we come at the right times, when the fish enter the Mediterranean and when they leave, we have insured handfuls of catches, since they have no choice but to swim near the coast.


Valencia has very specific points that make very fruitful fishing days possible, such as the mouth of the Turia river, El Saler inn, Albufera, Puerto Saplaya, Alboraya beach and a good couple of pairs of reservoirs.

Ebro Delta

The beaches of Eucaliptus, Garxall, Fangar, Arenal and Trabucador They are the best known in the area. The mouth itself, of course, is also an area that you cannot miss for the world if you are going to set up a fishing itinerary in Spain. Enter here to find out more areas of the Ebro Delta to fish.


Although there are other provinces of Andalusia that are also important, we highlight, without a doubt, Malaga. For salt water, you have the Los Álamos beach, Maro or El Saladillo, La Arana, La Malagueta and the Calaburra lighthouse They are places recognized by any Malaga. As for times, all year is good if you don’t care what to fish.

The Lagoons of Ruidera, Castilla La Mancha

It is a natural park that includes, attention, 15 fishing lakes where you can practice sport fishing if you have a permit.

What Types of Species Can be Fished Off the Spanish Coast? And in the Continental Zones?

Types of fish species of fishing interest in Spain

This question can be very long and very short, since the coastal extension of our country makes it possible for us to find totally different species, by area, so much so that fao has determined that there are 75 species of interest in our country. In any case, we can make a general classification.

Canary Islands

If you don’t mind getting wet, you’re going to find groupers, viejas, salemas, breams and groupers. Sardines and mackerel are plentiful and, as you can imagine, grilling them yourself and eating them outdoors is a real treat. The carángido the most to see a lot if you fish on the shore. Lastly, and as a main course, we highlight the existence of rarer species that we did not see on the peninsula, such as marlin.

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Mediterranean Sea

This, despite not being too extensive, offers us a very good variety of species on our coast. Some are whiting, red mullet, alijote, chopa, grouper, dolphinfish, mojarra, monkfish, some rays and sharks, anchovy, horse mackerel, sardines, carp, mackerel, catfish, black bass, pike, mabra, bream, imperial needle, cuttlefish, blacksmith, little tunny…

North Zone

In the north of the country there is a lot of flounder, sea bass, excellent quality seafoodcrayfish, eel, pinto, conger, sargo, maragota, octopus, reo, conger, mujel, torpedo, ray, shad, old or snook.

inland waters

On “land”, salmon, trout (common and rainbow), sea bass, carp, black bass, the sun perch, the barbel, the catfish, the pike perch, the sturgeon, the shad, the vogue, more shellfish, the pike, the bleak, different types of barbel, the eel, the pardilla, the madrija, the madrilla, the vogue , catfish, tench, tusk, silverside and river perch are, without a doubt, the most numerous.

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List of the Best Areas and Places to Fish in Spain

We have selected a list of, in our opinion, the most charming provinces and autonomous communities to practice both sport and underwater fishing and all kinds of water activities, here they go (click on each one to learn more about them):

  • Fishing in Asturias
  • Fishing in the Canary Islands
  • Fishing in Galicia
  • Fishing in Castilla y León
  • Fishing in Madrid
  • Fishing in Malaga
  • Fishing in Tenerife
  • Fishing in Valencia
  • Fishing in Huelva
  • Fishing in Cadiz
  • Fishing in Majorca and the Balearic Islands
  • Lakes and fishing reservoirs in Spain

What Licenses are Needed to Fish in Spain?

Type of fluvial fishing license in Spain

we have four types of license to practice fishing in Spain. These are the recreational one from land, the one that takes place from a boat (individual and collective) and the underwater free lung. Obviously, depending on the modality that you are going to practice, you must request the most convenient one.

You must also request an express authorization that issues the General Directorate of Fisheries Resources and Aquaculture to fish certain species, which are included in annex II of Royal Decree 347/2011 of March 11, 2011.

When they are done sport fishing events in Spain, It is possible that a permit must also be requested, which will vary depending on the type of competition and activities that are carried out.

In the same way, the Autonomous Communities will issue their own licenses for specific moments, as is the case of areas where the fishing season is expressly defined, in general, or that of some species.

In any case, all licenses are non-transferable and personal. So, that they cannot be used by family members or friends, much less by strangers, their sale being totally prohibited.

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