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Best Fishing Place in Mexico

What types of fishing are common in Mexico?

As you can imagine if you know the geography and location of this country, all kinds of fishing are possible in it, since it has a long coastline, islands, different climates for the continent and for the latter, rivers…

So much so that there are piers where you can even fish with a line and a hook. But, come on, you will be able to practice among the marine, lake and other options, deep-sea, deep-sea, deep-sea fishing, spinning, rockfishing, surfcasting, fly, coupe, jigging, trolling…

What are the Most Famous Places to Go Fishing in Mexico?

Be careful because, without a doubt, these are the best places to practice fishing in Mexico. Take note to make the itinerary!

Celestun, Yucatan

sport fishing in mexico

It is a World Heritage National Park since 1986 as well as a refuge for wildlife. In addition to finding, when you pass the jetty, clean and solitary beaches with gentle waves and fine sand, where you can catch (and release) sea bass, sea bass and mullets, you will enjoy spectacular features such as remains of pre-Hispanic ceramics, the petrified forest or the Ruins of Real de Salinas. In short, it is not only an area to practice good fishing in Mexico, but it is a natural resource of incomparable beauty, essential if you visit the country.

Chelem, Yucatan

It is a small town born from a farm that grew. Fishing is one of the forms of maintenance of the place and even allows export, so you can imagine how abundant the marine mass will be here. In addition, they are very grateful to the tourist, as it represents an important injection of capital.

Yucalpeten Port

It is very rich in quantity of marine species and, in addition, they are many of the most important.

El Azúcar Dam, Tamaulipas

In Tamaulipas specifically in Camargo and Miguel Alemán you will find this dam on the San Juan riverbed, which will give you many catfish, many ferrets and many bass.

La Pesca Beach, Tamaulipas

His name can already give you an idea of ​​how well the day is going to go for you. Because? Because several rivers flow into it, many of them known by fishermen as Conchos or Soto La Marina. You will enjoy, and a lot, the Los Morales lagoon, especially recommended for sport fishing by boat.


It allows you to capture both freshwater and saltwater in a space that is not too wide, so you have twice the options. In fact, you are going to see, without problem or difficulty, more than two dozen different fish in the area.

El Novillo, Sonora

One of the most outstanding places in Sonora to practice fishing in Mexico. In fact, year after year, the International Bass Fishing Tournament for Steer Bass Club is held here.


This state stands out for having a huge number of rivers (Culiacán, Ocoroni, Alamos, Elota, Quelite, Cañas, Baluarte…) good for fishing, as well as 600 kilometers of coastline, which is said soon. In addition to the quantity, we also find species that are somewhat different from those that are more common, such as squid, tuna, sailfish or red lobster.

Quintana Roo

In addition to the more conventional types, it offers a perfect setting for spearfishing. It is also remarkable for the variety of species that inhabit its waters.

Rivers of Michoacan

Of this state, the most fruitful resource is the river. Come to San José, Oxula, Aquila, Coalcomán, Balsas or Grande de Morelia and you will be fascinated by the number of species that inhabit them, including some less seen ones such as the charal, the chahua, the durel, the arrollera or the crab.


This state includes a lot of Huro, which is found in prominent fishing spots such as Lake Tequesquitengo, Laguna del Rodeo or the El Rodeo and Almear dams. Be careful because you are also going to get, without too much effort, with rainbow trout in Chapultepec or in Río Alto.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

In addition to getting many very good catches, the place offers natural attractions that anyone should be grateful to be able to enjoy, such as humpback whales, turtles or dolphins.

Your days will be fruitful at any time and it is a very accessible place, being able to go to the open sea renting boats, yachts and other types of boats, always to your liking.


Aguascaliente is full of dams that are very suitable for enjoying fruitful days of fishing. The most notable, all equally and carp and hurro being the most abundant species are Boda del Milagro, Jocoque, Mal Paso, Peña Blanca, Borunda El Tulillo, La Boquilla, Calle and Los Adobes.

Rivers of Durango

Durango is another of those states that stands out, in fishing in Mexico, for the amount of rivers rich in fish that flow through its territory.

In all of them you will get very good catches, that is guaranteed in advance, although we can mention some such as Acaponeta, de la Casita, Elota, Graceros, Huazamota, Matalotes, Nazas, de las Poanas, de las Vueltas, Zape, Aguanaval, Chico, de los Bultos, Huyapán, Mezquital, del Oro, San Pedro…


It is a beautiful city, tourist where there are, which also includes very good fishing areas, so that it becomes a perfect destination. Go to the bay of Puerto Marqués, Chautengo or Tecomate and get hold of specimens of thresher, sarda or hammerhead sharks, sailfish, roosterfish, wahoos, yellowfin tuna…

Ejidal Park San Nicolás Totolapan

It is a recreational area in which trout fishing is the most common, even having equipment for rent and sale of bait. In turn, it is a place to go with the family, with mountain hiking trails, zip lines and cabins.

rainbow lake

The Arcoiris Reserve has an impressive 12,000-square-meter lake framed in a forest where you can roast your own catch and enjoy it with your family, just before practicing activities such as bicicross, rappelling, or trekking.

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What Types of Species Can be Fished in the Area of ​​Mexico?

The variety of species that we can find in the waters of this country is immense reason why you should not be surprised if, when you take out your hook, you find something that we have not told you here, surely so! To give you an idea, all of its waters include species from more than half of the aquatic families that exist on the entire planet.

Of these species (we are only talking about fish), also It is interesting to know that 10% are endemic (unique to the place), that is to say, typical of the place and impossible to find in other waters unless they are introduced through human action or are diverted by accident, as has happened on some occasions. Some are the Julimes pup, the Yucatecan sardine or the white sucker.

The three species with the greatest presence and which, in turn, are the most important in terms of income, are tuna and shrimp, which are found in any area of ​​the coast, without exception, and the mojarra, which we see in many interior places such as estuaries and ponds. Next in importance are sardines, sea bass, red snapper, octopus and lobster.

Best species to fish in Mexico and where

In a list that could be endless, we can name:

  • the haddock
  • the barracuda
  • the marlin
  • the pomfret
  • gray snapper
  • the croaker
  • the crowned
  • blackfin or yellowfin tuna
  • sailfish
  • the bucket
  • the moon snapper
  • The Golden
  • Carp
  • the ferret
  • the catfish
  • the smooth
  • the keg
  • the pretty
  • the chema
  • the albacore
  • the branch
  • the pomfret
  • the line
  • the sword
  • the girl
  • the grouper
  • la cuvina
  • the totoaba
  • the sucker
  • albacore
  • the esmedregal
  • the saw
  • the little face
  • breastplate
  • the nozzle
  • the catan
  • the huahcinango
  • the mackerel
  • the rooster
  • the flip flop
  • the coatete
  • the silio
  • the grunt
  • the charra
  • the Cook
  • the sardineta
  • rainbow trout
  • the prawn
  • will accumulate it
  • israel’s tent
  • the rocker
  • sweeping wing
  • the guabina
  • the crab
  • the abalone
  • grouper
  • the gold of Castile
  • the milkfish
  • American black perch
  • the white fish
  • the popocha
  • the dogfish
  • the dummy
  • bonefish
  • the white turtle
  • the campamúchil
  • the pomfret

Fishing in Mexico is a delight, among other things, because new species are still being discovered quite often in its different bodies of water.

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