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Best Fishing Place in León

What Types of Fishing are Practiced in the Province of Castilla y León?

In this case, we came across that fishing in Castilla y León It is given to natural bait, to spoon, to fly and to the lioness. Special mention deserves this last modality that, as its name already says, is typical of the place. It is a drowned fly fishing that maintains the mounting technique for many centuries in combination with modern materials. Thus, the effectiveness is maximum and for this reason it is recognized and valued around the world,

This includes flies for fishing made from rooster feathers. With fishing line, buoy and cork, a rope (rig) is assembled with between 4 and 5 mosquitoes, each with a different name and function.

What are the Best Places and Dates to Go Fishing in León?

At this point, we present to you the best places you can choose to fish in Castilla y León. Although we want to add, of course, that this is one of the most outstanding communities for sport fishing, which is why there are other areas that are also of interest.

Fishing preserves in León

Esla River, Zamora

Although it also runs through León, the succulent zone of the river is that of Zamora. This section is dominated by pike and has very accessible areas to capture it. In addition, the orography and other geological aspects are very diverse, so you can practice different types of fishing. Special mention for the section of tributary of the Órbigo or Tera; you will love them!

Alberche River

The upper course, due to its good oxygenation, is a place full of common and rainbow trout, as well as breams and barbels.

Cuerda del Pozo Reservoir

Considerable walleye in size and attractiveness, so much so that there is an annual championship to catch it.

Porma Reservoir

It’s interesting because it’s one of the very few places (if not the only one) where you might come across a salmon.

Ricobayo Reservoir

It is, without a doubt, the most recommended to find black bass, pike boats and carp, very recognized throughout the country a few decades ago and, of course, one of the basic points for the fishing tourist. The pike is easy to find, since it is located in the rock formations. It will be even easier during the spring and summer.

Las Cogotas Reservoir, Ávila

Very suitable for finding small carp, which makes it an ideal place to practice. However, due to how cold its waters are, it is not a place for predators.

Ebro reservoir

It is an immense place, practically considered an inland sea, which is located at an altitude of one kilometer. Due to its shallowness and the presence of submerged vegetation, you will find a lot of goby and a lot of madrilla. It also has rainbow trout, which catches well during the spring. But, what abounds the most and for which this place is known is the carp, which inhabits the northern part, some of which are the largest in the entire northern part of the country.

What Types of Species Can be Fished in the León Area?

Next, discover which are the species that you can see on your hook if you go fishing in Castilla y León.

common trout

Common trout fishing in Leon

They swim quite fast but you can still catch them in the cold and clean waters of all the riverbeds in the place, where they love to be.

Rainbow trout

Very similar to the previous one but less demanding in terms of water, although you will not see it in cloudy places.

Black bass

You will find him where the water is very calm and has abundant vegetation.


The calm waters of the lower reaches of the rivers will give you good surprises.

Large tent

Stagnant waters are the habitat of this species, so lagoons and reservoirs are ideal if you want to catch some.


It is a wild species that was introduced into the Tagus and that you will find in the waters with a lot of submerged vegetation and that are calm at the same time,


The vogue seeks stony ground, which is where it obtains food. In addition, it tolerates somewhat less calm waters, but not strong currents.


If you go to practice fishing in Castilla y León, do not leave without finding at least one; It will be a delicious dinner. You find it stagnant deep waters and in which vegetation abounds.


You have it in high sections of the river as long as they have little current.


This species was introduced in the Esla and is currently considered a pest and a huge problem (it feeds on roe, preventing reproduction). The legislation indicates that if you find him you must sacrifice him.

Signal Crab and Red Crab

Their fishing is limited but, since the American crab was introduced, they are increasingly seen, especially if we make a comparison with our native crab.

What Fishing License is Necessary to Practice this Sport in Castilla y León?

According to Law 11/2013 of December 23, in this community the following licenses are required:

Conventional Fishing License in Castilla y León

Fishing license Castilla y León

This is the basic to be able to go fishing, even if it is at an amateur level to catch two sardines. Its valid duration is one year from the moment it is issued. The exception is those that are not paid (according to certain conditions), which expire after five years.

At the same time, there are two types, P1 and IP (inter-regional). Its costs 15.2 and 25 euros respectively, the first being subject to reductions depending on the circumstances. The user who can benefit from them is the one, whether national or foreign, who carries out the activity in the community (or in the rest of the country in the case of the IP).

It can be obtained, for the first time, electronically making the payment by bank card or making the payment, previously downloadable, in the collaborating financial entities, or going to the offices in charge of the Territorial Environmental Services.

This is renewed in the same way and there is the option of making your direct debit with automatic renewal, through the corresponding Mandate.

License from Boats

Fishing from a boat requires the corresponding license for it, declaring it. In this case, we recommend prevention, as it takes a little over a month for the authorization to arrive. The price is 21 euros.

Licenses for Fishing in Controlled Special Regime Waters

In this case they are called “control pass” and include a non-transferable locator. They are free of charge and can only be requested at times when the period in which the extraction of specimens in these special waters is allowed. Said request can only be made for the current week and the following. It is requested from the number 012 or via the web, in

Licenses to Fish in Preserves

It must be requested as a complement to the ordinary one, going to the Territorial Environment Service. Be careful because they are awarded by lottery, issuing a closed number each season depending on the animal mass and other circumstances.

This fishing license It can be ordinary or subsidized, differing these in the days in which the activity can be practiced. In addition, we must choose the type of reserve to choose, with licenses in an intensive regime for rainbow trout, in an intensive regime for the piggy bank, in a natural regime for cyprinids, in a natural regime for salmonids with death and a natural regime for salmonids without death. Know the best places for fishing in spain from here.

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