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Best Fishing Place in Iceland

What Types of Fishing are Common in Iceland?

The most popular type of fishing in Iceland is mainly fly fishing. There is also room for the one-handed rod in certain less glacial spots and, of course, ice fishing.

In the fjords, it is common to do jigging fishing with natural bait. There are areas where any method is good, since this country, being an island, has innumerable enclaves to enjoy the sport of fishing in any of its modalities.

What are the Most Famous Places to Go Fishing in Iceland?

Iceland really is an angler’s dream island, and not precisely because it has famous places for this activity, but because each and every one of its bodies of water is one hundred percent fruitful; we are sure that you will not leave the area without having fished, of that we are sure.

Generally speaking, we can point out that most of the rivers in the country are mixed, counting with trout and salmon in the first kilometers and with trout from the first jump onwards.

Tungufljot River

The first 6 kilometers of this river are ideal for fishing. It has wading areas, and the catches of trout are abundant. You can also find salmon and “plugged” fish in the area until you reach Bjarnfoss, a waterfall that we advise you not to miss. From these and in the direction of Elvatn, there are several pools where you can also catch salmon in a different way.

Varmá River

Near the capital, half an hour’s drive away, you have this jewel for the fisherman. Why? Simply because it is home to all the freshwater species in the country, including, in addition to the typical salmon, char, brown trout, and sea trout, other fish such as flounder, eel, and rainbow trout. Salvelinos and Reos stand out for their considerable size.

Breiddalsá River

It is located on the east coast of the country and has become popular for the large size of its salmon, something curious considering that these are much more abundant at the opposite end.

Langá River

Year after year, it is placed at the top of the most productive rivers in Iceland, so that, finally, it has ended up being considered one of the best in terms of ease of capture by the number of specimens.

Nordlingafljot River

It is a full-fledged salmon river, close to Husafell, which has up to 75 pools in an extension of 13 km.

Nordura River

Another salmon river, this time highlighted for its great beauty as well as for always being in the top 5 of the most productive rivers,

Laxá, Laxardalur

It is the ideal place if you like fly fishing and are looking for huge trout.

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Map: Rivers and fishing areas of Iceland

Map: Rivers and fishing areas of Iceland

What Types of Species Can be Fished in the Icelandic Area?

Trout fishing in Iceland

Considering the location, the climate, and the various geographical features, it is necessary to know that there are not really dozens and dozens of species to catch. However, the specimens of the few species there are are spectacular, so much so that sport fishing in Iceland is one of the best known in the world.

Trout abound (but not really) in the rivers of this country, both fario and brown, alpine, and arctic (known as salvelino). In addition, in these waters we catch fish of a considerable size, making the trout fishing in Iceland one of the best known and outstanding around the globe.

The purity of the waters makes the Atlantic salmon come here, coming from the homonymous ocean, in spawning season. Thus, you can enjoy a very lively dance with a lustrous and feisty specimen from the end of June until September, when the species returns to its home waters.

The red snapper, seen in many other parts of the world, stands out in some rivers in the country for its considerable size and ease of fly-catching. Halibut, cod, and wolffish are three common species in the fjords.

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