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Best Fishing Place in Hueva

What is the best season and dates for fishing in Huelva?

The variety of species with different habits makes the dates for sport fishing in Huelva differ. For example, sea bream are easily caught in spring and most of the autumn.

Sea bass, on the other hand, prefer the colder months. Summer, however, is for the lean ones. In short, all year round is good if you do not discriminate between species.

What are the best places and areas to go fishing in Huelva?

Let’s see which areas for fishing in Huelva are the most suitable at present:

Isla Cristina

This province has one of the most important fish markets in the country (and the most important in Andalusia in terms of auction), located in Isla Cristina. It has a huge coastline, the mouth of the Carreras estuary and marshes. Undoubtedly, a very complete place to fish.

Of these places, the best known are the breakwater of Isla Cristina, with a mixed bottom of up to 8 meters, interesting because, sometimes, it can flood, La Antilla beach, huge and with a great exposure, windy and with waves, the Hoyo beach, ideal for long casts, or the port, which has several good areas for catching sea bass when there is a high coefficient rising tide.

Estrella Beach, Mazagón

It is an open sea beach with very clean waters. The bottoms are of stone and sand and are ideal for night fishing in autumn, winter and spring. Special mention for the Vigía pier, a shallow bridge of 50 meters that starts from the shore.

Matalascañas Beach

This area requires a fishing license. Its bottoms are very shallow, quite sandy and there are many breakers so you have to be careful with the tide. The fishing is best at night, and it is even better if we move slightly towards Sanlúcar.

If you have the opportunity, go to Torre Carbonero, with similar characteristics but which stands out for the formation of pools and the warmth of the waters as well as the environment, in which we can only see dunes; a paradisiacal place in the preserve.

Night fishing here between April and October will give you great results. The winter is good in quantity of specimens, but the activity is made difficult by the storms, but if that sounds like a challenge for you, do not hesitate!

Punta del Moral, Ayamonte

Another area that needs to be licensed. It is a natural place with protection of the waters. Its waters are clear and shallow and you will find mixed bottoms, both rocky and sandy.

The mouth of El Rompido, Cartaya

It is located 7 km from Cartaya on the way to the beach area. Its bottoms range from 3 to 7 meters, being muddy, sandy and stony. Something deeper will require passing the 200 meters of shore. The night is very suitable, especially in autumn and winter.

Piedras Negras, Cuesta Maneli

This spectacular place is located in the pre-park of Doñana and, as expected, requires a license to practice fishing. The landscape is made up of beautiful large dunes and a cliff made of sandstone rock. The ideal is to opt for night fishing, which offers us many and very large pieces.

Cinnamon Island

Isla Canela also requires a license but we assure you that it is worth it. It has stony areas and sandy bottoms, at various depths. It is quite common for moderate winds to blow. Its beaches are ideal for the activity, being one of the most generous in the autumn and winter season.

Mejores zonas de pesca en Punta Umbria Huelva

What types of species can be fished in the Huelva area?

The morraja, which is found along the entire coast of the community, the bream, the sea bass, the snapper, the baila, the sea bass, the sea bass and the borriquete are the species with which you will find more easily practicing fishing in Huelva.

Something more difficult but, of course, feasible, is to find bream, breca, grunt, urta, yellowfin tuna and bluefin tuna, llampuga and even marlin.

In specific spots we can find specimens of black smelt, chough, gilthead bream, gilthead bream, horse mackerel, horse mackerel, conger eel, red drum, sole, pout, common bream, bream, mullet, mackerel or permit.

If you want to get shell mollusks, there are plenty of fine clams and plenty of green cockles, clams, clams and clams. Chopos, squid and octopus are also abundant. The crayfish and the shrimp and crayfish are the crustaceans par excellence. Know the best places for fishing in Spain from here.

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