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Best Fishing Place in Galicia

What is the best season and dates to start fishing in Galicia?

In this community, the fishing season occupies the spring and part of the summer. In fact, as it is a place known and recognized for this activity, the beginning of the season has a date and celebration (with its corresponding regulations modified annually). This usually occurs around the middle of March. The season usually ends at the same time as the month of July, although, of course, it is not a closed date.

These are established because, as is obvious, the waters of the place are full of specimens during those months but considering, at the same time, the moment in which the species are found and, of course, limiting sizes, kilos of catch and others, always in pursuit of practicing the activity in a sustainable way.

However, you will have much success in your fishing journey until late autumn since, as we say, Galicia is very rich in waters and species, so you should not regret if the season has officially concluded. Simply, in this case, you will have to fish following the instructions of the community when it is not in season.

What are the best places to go fishing in Galicia?

Isla del Santo is a highly recommended place but it is not very frequented, which is why you will enjoy relative tranquility there. It is located in Marin Seixo, in the province of Pontevedra. Its characteristics include a variable depth from 4 to 12 meters and a predominantly rocky area.

O Portiño is a beach in Carnota (A Coruña) frequented by fishermen, but, above all, by those who are dedicated to underwater fishing, rich in rock and very rich both in variety of species and in number of specimens.

Very close we also came across carreiroa another rocky area that, in the same way, is well known by locals and foreigners to practice the activity. As Baleas, in Camariñas, also in A Coruña. It has some good channels that reach 15 meters deep and that join the coast with small stone paths; Without a doubt, a beautiful place that you should visit.

Fishing off the Galician coast

If you like coves, you will love the one from Caneliñas. It is in the town of Sansenxo, in Portonovo and is easily accessed from the beach itself or from the port. It stands out for being a place without large depth gaps, for being inland and offering shelter from the north wind as well as for having very clear waters, so the day should be calm.

Besides, the port breakwater is next door, in case you want to vary. Although undoubtedly Galicia has very good coasts for fishingit is evident that its rivers and estuaries are very rich, not only for the quantity but also for the quality of the catches.

In general, any river in the area will give you good pieces, since its waters, due to its current, allow a good number of individuals of any species to flow. The best known are, without a doubt, the Eo, the Ulla, the Miño, the Tambre, the Neira, the Ladra, the Eume and the Navia.

The La Coruña estuary, also known as the Burgo estuary, is one of the best valued by fishermen. In particular, some ideal points that we can comment on are Punta Herminia, at the entrance, the Ensenada del Orzán in the center of the city, near the Tower of Hercules, where deep-sea fishing is carried out and anglers and points such as Camposa, Boidecanto or do Seixo Branco. Sada is a seafaring town that you will love very comfortable for fishing, with charm and an ideal environment for lovers of this activity.

Regarding reservoirs, continuing with river type fishing in Galicia, we recommend you to go through Belesar. This has an extension of 40 kilometers and is varied in terms of orography, but, of course, the best thing about the place is the variety of species that live there and the possibility of riding in all kinds of boats, making it possible to spinning fishing.

There’s also many swamps in the four provinces. We really can’t recommend any of them since they all offer excellent catches; it all depends on the species you are most interested in.

The Rias Baixas Of course, they are not to be missed if you plan to do some shellfishing, an activity that, on the other hand, we cannot fail to recommend if you are going to practice fishing in Galicia.

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What types of species can be fished in the Galician area?

If you are a lover of spearfishing, quite prominent in the community, you will surely come across many bream, many sea bass, many pintos and, above all, a lot of conger eels.

Pintos, maragotas, bream, conger eels, porcos, cuttlefish and mujeles, hairs (or old), bojas, squid, octopus and even sea bass, triggerfish and rays you will capture in the seas.

In rivers, the large mass of catches corresponds to trout and salmon followed by plaice and reo, of great value for most fishermen.

The reservoirs offer something that we do not find in other waters: cyprinids. Thus, you will be able to get excellent tents, bogas, scales and even black bass. Know the best places for fishing in spain from here.

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