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Best Fishing Place in Costa Rica

What Types of Fishing are Practiced in the Coasts of Costa Rica?

In this country, marine, river and lake fishing is practiced. In the first case, common casting fishing is practiced on the shore. The open sea, of course, requires a boat and is practiced up to 30 miles.

On the Atlantic coasts, spearfishing is also practiced both on the shore and along the coast on islands, islets and reefs. This practice is an attraction in the country. Lake fishing is done by casting as well as by boat. The lakes are natural and artificial.

Curiously, river fishing is the most practiced in this country and it is done in the same way as lake fishing. Of course, no matter who you ask, you will find sustainable fishing in Costa Rica, respecting sizes and with fishermen who are in favor of the catch and release modality.

What are the Best Places and Dates to Go Fishing in the Caribbean Sea?

The marine waters that will give you the most joy are those of the Gulf of Papagayo, the mouth of the Gulf of Nicoya, Corcovado, the area in front of Cape Velas, and the Golfo Dulce.

In the south of the Atlantic coasts you will find reefs, being very abundant the marine mass from Punta Mona to Punta Cahuita. The mouths of the rivers that die in this ocean are also rich in number of specimens up to two or three miles away.

Playa Herradura, located in the north of Jaco, has a port built specifically for sport fishing. There are locals in charge of taking tourists to the most interesting fishing spots.

If the sea is secondary and you are more of a lake lover (or want to combine), the most outstanding places in the country are Lago Cote, Lago Arenal and Embalse Cachi.

Costa Rica fishing trips

If you are looking for marines, the Manuel Antonio-Quepos area is yours for your waters we stumbled upon, without difficulty, with the blue, the black and the striped; yes! three! In addition, the place is spectacular, allow you to enjoy views that include, plus a dream beach, dolphins, sea turtles and occasionally, up to whales are allowed to watch.

For river fishing, do not miss Puerto Limón, highlighting the Pacuare, Tortuguero and Matina riverbeds. Caño Negro, Parma River and Frio River may also surprise you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a fishing trip, Guanacaste is your place. From here you’ll get out, in yachts around type, make a combined tour that includes interest areas such as Carillo, Garza, Samara, Nosara or Flamingo.

As for dates, you should know that all year round is a great time to fish for the species that are most sought after in its coasts and nearby waters. Offshore, the months of January to March are the weakest months to hunt marlin, but ideal to catch other catches of great interest. Spring is very good in general. In summer only the blue marlin are weak. In autumn, the wahoo or sawfish fail.

If we approach the coast, the worst statistics we present the snapper, which is not left to see during the winter, and the fish fish gallus, to which you happen to own it in autumn. The best season, in general, is the summer.

As for the Caribbean Sea, June and July are the least suitable months, but not for that reason unsuccessful. In general, you will find a great variety of species only that some will have migrated.

Map: Sport fishing in Costa Rica

Map: Sport fishing in Costa Rica

What Types of Species can be Fished in the Costa Rica Area?

Near the coast you will find a very good amount of snappers and roosters. Offshore you will come across species that are of great interest to fishermen from all over the world such as sawfish, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, dolphinfish, black and blue marlin.

You will also find tarpon, sharks, tuna, big tarpon, parrotfish and groupers among many others. In spite of not being the most species-rich place, you should know that more than 40 records have been broken related to sport fishing, so you can get an idea of how good it is to practice fishing in Costa Rica.

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Map of the best fishing areas in Costa Rica

Map of the best fishing areas in Costa Rica

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