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Best Fishing Place in Colombia

What Types of Fishing are Practiced in Colombia?

As you can imagine considering the extension of the country, its geographical features and others, Fishing in Colombia is practiced in all ways and for having. In the ports you will work by fishing, anchoring and trolling, you have places to fish on rocks, for surfcasting, jigging, freehand fishing, offshore boating and deep-sea fishing and even enjoy underwater fishing in the island areas. In addition, this country has a significant percentage of artisanal fishing practiced, mostly, by natives.

stands out the modality may, which aims to keep the thread always taut, so that the bite is easy to detect. It is done by sinking and removing the bait, whenever you want to catch a small and surface fish, practicing on the shore of inland waters.

What are the Best Places and Dates to Go Fishing in Colombia?

Let’s go, of course, with the list of the best places to capture in this country:

San Jorge, Atrato and Magdalena rivers

Despite having many other species, we recommend them as they are the only ones in which you will find the Magdalena line. Of course, we recommend catch and release as it is fished by piece to use it as an ornament. The Magdalena basin is also a habitat for another endemic catfish, the striped catfish, and for the capable catfish, which, yes, is also more widely distributed in other waters of the country.

Meta Basin

In this area you will find many species but we recommend it because it is the only one in the world where you can get the masked runner. Of course, although it is not considered, for the moment, at risk, it is prohibited because it is an ornamental species, so you should consult when you can get hold of it.


The Orinoco region, all of it, bordering Venezuela, is one of the most desired to practice fishing in Colombia because the catches are of very good quality and, in many cases, of a considerable size. The number of tributaries allows you to catch an abundance yes or yes and they are the ideal setting for less patient fishermen, Well, you have dozens and dozens of places to try. If you can choose dates, go in January or February, although you will have good catches from October to May.

Puerto Carreno

Puerto Carreno includes a river with a large influx of sports fishermen, the Bita. The lower reaches of the Orinoco, the Meta or the Teracay They are just as productive. You can get very good specimens of many of the most demanded species as trophy such as the peacock or the payara, and in addition, when going out to sea, in the very mouths of the rivers, you have the spectacular picture of the jumps of pink dolphins or bottlenose dolphins, which come very close to the coast.

Cartagena de Indias

It is a favorite place for fishermen, with places as emblematic as Canseco (Punta Canoa), La Tenaza or Tierrabomba Island, where you can even fish in swamps. In addition, various fishing events are held throughout the year. You can go from May to January and if you do it during the second half of the year, try to make your catches at night.

Pacific Chocoana

If you want to have the best captures of this ocean, situate yourself in the Chocoana zone, the one that goes from Solano Bay to Cabo Marzo very close to the border with Panama.

High mountain

Fishing in the Otún Lagoon Colombia

If you want to find rainbow trout, practice high mountain fishing. The mountain ranges of this country They have a significant number of high rivers and lagoons where it lives enchanted.

Otún Lagoon, Los Nevados National Natural Park, Risaralda

beautiful like none, formed by volcanoes and glaciers, offers you, at 3950 meters of altitude, a moorland ecosystem up to 70 meters deep and 1.5 km2 in size to be able to make sets that will result in the capture of high quality trout. In addition, you will enjoy a dream setting surrounded by owls, ducks and hummingbirds in abundance. Eye, no fishing allowed during high season (Easter, December, January, June and July).

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What Types of Species Can be Fished in Colombia?

Colombia is a country very rich in marine species. So, it is very difficult for us to give you a list of those that you are going to take out more often because, really, there is a very good quantity of everything.

In fresh water we have motor and Magdalena rays, silver arowana, piraracú, bocachico, dentex, strigata, cachama, cardinal, valentón, pácora, tucunaré, yellow, capable, striped catfish, strigata, rhodostomo, speck, masked coridora, scalar, otocinclo…

The waters of the Pacific Ocean will bring you pianguas, shrimp, shoals, hake, sierras, yellowfin, skipjack, dorado, moon snapper and grouper.

In the Caribbean sea you can get sea bass, machuelo, lebranche, grouper, horse mackerel, bonito, sierra and, finally, queen conch and Caribbean lobster if you let go of the rod and give yourself to other methods, of course.

Without a doubt, its marine biodiversity is very different from that of Spain. So. we strongly advise fishing in Colombia if you are a passionate fisherman.

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