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Best Fishing Place in Chile

What is the Best Season to Go on a Fishing Trip to Chile?

This country has a good number of rivers; short, yes, but many after all. In addition, its location makes it possible for you to have, attention, 8,000 kilometers of coastline on which to carry out the activity. Linked to this we have a multitude of islets, islands and Chilean archipelagos. The result of all this is a diversity of marine species and, therefore, an abundant catch mass throughout the year; no matter when you decide to make a fishing trip in chile, you will always enjoy very fruitful days.

The best thing that can come to you is Know the fishing season in Chile for the species that interest you the most and choose to go in the month in which more of them are “at work”.

In general terms, the highest concentration of species in these waters occurs in their summer, which corresponds to the winter months of the Northern Hemisphere, being January and February the most fruitful in the north of the country and having to wait just a couple more weeks if your favorite destinations are to the south.

What are the Best Places to Go Fishing in Chile?

We are going to see the most interesting places and fishing areas that Chile has, there are many others since this country is very rich in areas authorized to carry out this activity, although we highlight the most important ones.


It is a large city with good air connections and offers a considerable amount of activities and fishing resources. It is located, of course, in the most recommended fishing area in the country and that goes from 42 to 52 degrees of latitude.

National Park Torres del Paine

The Serrano River is highly recommended for fishing in Chile and, in addition, it is framed in a really beautiful territory with impressive views. Also in the park you can go to the Hidden Lagoon or Toro Lake.

Andean Araucanian

It puts at your disposal many bodies of water very rich in species of interest to sport fishermen. The Rahué and Lonquimay rivers and the Icalma and Galletué lagoons They surround a commune where you can stay.

Rio Grande

It is located on the island of Land of Fire. It is conceived, worldwide, as the best destination for catching brown trout.

Laguna del Laja National Park

Here you will find the homonymous river and lagoon, both ideal destinations for those who come to enjoy sightseeing on a fishing trip in chile; You won’t leave disappointed from there. You have vertigo viewpoints that offer some of the most beautiful snapshots in the world. The emerald green waters and volcanic scoria edges of the lake stand out.

Easter Island

Easter Island fishing spot in Chile

It is well known among the fishermen who come to this country due to its traditional fishing tradition and the various modalities that are practiced there and that you can learn. Only in the waters of this island are two hundred species of fish, both coastal and deep sea. In addition, it has a considerable richness of endemic species, 28% between fauna and flora which makes this destination a must if you want to see places that will not be repeated anywhere else on the planet.


Attention because final climax we have a destination for lovers of the unexplored. It is located in Patagonia and has a very high biological diversity. In addition, the fact that it is not an accused destination has allowed its forests to remain, like its waterfalls, rivers and bays, pure. This becomes, without thinking about it, a high attraction that allows us to enjoy the day, framed in a natural setting without competition. You can take the opportunity to visit the cold rain forest or the Melimoyu volcano.

How is the Fishing Law in Chile?

Despite being a country that offers very good results in terms of fishing as we have well seen when talking about fao the truth is that a new regulation has recently been applied that has caused great controversy in response to a bribery scandal that took place in 2012.

Among other aspects, the most famous are:

  • The 20-year limitation for the perpetual concessions to the seven large clans that control the activity in the country and which occurred in 2012. This has been outrageous because, in other words, ownership of marine animals is being granted to these people and not to the State or the civilian mass.
  • The maintenance of the trawling technique, which has left 9 fisheries depleted and another 6 overexploited, so that this much-needed sustainability is not being achieved.
  • Artisanal reserve drilling continues. These continue to suffer the attacks of ships, not requiring, in any territory, more than an authorization that is issued easily.
  • The distribution and marketing channels are still archaic, despite being a demand from the sector that has been on the street for decades and has not been answered. This means that inefficiency in access to resources is maintained, in addition to providing worse offers for them.
  • Finally, another hot topic in the absence of a social platform in which fishermen feel protected, something that is found in practically any fishing industry.

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Infographic: Situation of species with fishing interest in Chile

Industrial fishing problem in Chile

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