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Best Fishing Place in Canada

Fishing in Canada: an Unforgettable Trip

This country is cold, that is undeniable. It is not a place for those who are used to spending the summer in the Caribbean. However, if low temperatures are not a problem for you, We cannot fail to advise you to go fishing in Canada as part of a trip which, we assure you, you will never forget.

Here you will be able to connect with nature at a level that you cannot even imagine. Bears and moose are common, fish are plentiful and visible from afar so that you can enjoy its movement while you simply walk along the shore on one side or have a snack when going on a picnic.

you can make a visit to the iconic Niagara Falls, which unite this country with the United States through three waterfalls. Needless to say, you can’t go to Canada and miss the amazing northern lights, an incomparable natural spectacle. The best are seen from Sasckatchewan.

Ice Fishing in Canada

ice fishing in canada It is, without a doubt, an attraction both for the fisherman and for the rest of the family, especially for the little ones, who will be able to start in art thanks to this resource. This modality will allow you to get hold of perch, trout and sander vitreus.

You can also practice all kinds of activities in the snow and ice such as skiing, hockey, sleigh ride, donut slide or snowtubing or skateboarding. Of course, you will not leave the place without trying its characteristic and high-calorie poutine, a mix of cheddar cheese and French fries. Luckily, the low temperatures will help you burn everything before going to sleep.

What are the best places and dates to go fishing in Canada?

Let’s take a look at the fishing grounds in canada that they will give you better results and that, in addition, they are really beautiful and/or that they offer other entertainment options.

Glacier National Park, Montana border

highlighting the transparent rock lake which is located framed in spectacular forests, we have several bodies of water where sport fishing is practiced, getting lots of rainbow trout, Canada trout and perch. Other interesting areas are the river De las vueltas or El Chalten. In total, the park allows 23 species of fish to live in its waters, among which is the bull trout, which must be immediately returned to the water as its fishing is illegal.

Skeena River, British Columbia

Fishing on the Skeena River, British Columbia

It’s a pretty good place to give capture to the elusive steelhead if you do it by boat and at the right times. This is because most of its tributaries are home to this species. As if it weren’t worthwhile to get hold of it, you have five different types of salmon to throw the rod at.

It is wide but with fordable shores and the possibility, even, to fish with one hand. Its bottom is smooth and gravel. This is great, because it is in these areas where the fish swim, fleeing from the seals.

During the months of may and june You are going to find sockeye, chum and chinook salmon of significant size, ideal for catching flies. If you want a coho, wait until september or october; those of this river are among the largest in the world.

Great Slave Lake

It is the deepest in North America, at over 600 m, and considerably large. It is part of the mackenzie basin and forms the mouth of the Esclavo River. The best fishing is done by fly. It is a place of lodges, pike and trout.

Lake Quesnel, British Columbia

It is framed in the cariboo mountains in eastern British Columbia. It is very deep and made up of fjords, with three arms (the west has one of the best bays in the province, where you will find bull and rainbow trout). It has four official seasons of modalities casting, trolling and fly although the recommendation is to go in May, when there is not too much tourism and the fish are hungry.

Big River

It is quiet and, as its name suggests, big very big. You have a lot of salmon to catch but it is mandatory to release it. Sen is located in the central part of the country.

Jasper National Park

It is a spectacular place that receives millions of visits each year located in mountains of pure rock. The landscape is majestic, white, gray and green. Trout is the best catch in the area due to the coldness of its waters (more than usual in the region).

Tree River, Nunavut

far north, already close to the waters of the Arctic Ocean in the polar desert area, we find tree river, which is home to trophy arctic char. In addition, the space is very flat and open, ideal for practicing some other outdoor activities; Ideal for those looking for an extreme adventure.

What types of species can be fished in the Canadian area?

Types of fish from fishing in Canada

As it happens in Alaska, the inclement weather does not allow a variety of fish to exist as infinite as in many other countries. However, and also as it happens here, the quality of the specimens is very high, finding them beautiful and pure, like the waters where they live. We find:


Have Sockeye salmon, pink salmon, Atlantic salmon, wild salmon and the ouananiche. You will find it throughout the country, both in fresh and salt water, but where else is it obtained, at least for consumption, is from british columbia. It goes without saying that Canadian salmon is, along with Norwegian salmon, one of the most desired on the entire planet, despite being very small in terms of quantity (perhaps that is why it is so sought after).


There are plenty of lobster in Canadian waters. However, it is logical to imagine that catching it requires you to exchange the rod for a net. Of course, we warn you that this species is from the sea and, therefore, you will need considerable equipment, something that, if you do not live there, we advise you to rent.


Typical of the waters of the province of British Columbia and Manitoba and Ontario, where the best trophies are obtained, it is an aggressive and wild fish that makes possible a beautiful fight to admire.


Perch is one of the target species fished in Canada. You have it in lakes and marinas. The best times to capture it are in the morning, first thing in the morning, during the months of April and May.


It is an Atlantic species, so you will only find it on the east coast of the country. However, for years, the country’s government has ordered the end of its fishing, with the exception of a very small quota.


This species was depleted by the waters of the entire planet, including the highest. However the Science Executive Committee of Canada together with other institutions, have worked to recover it and once again it is possible to see it, in quite a good quantity, in the Atlantic waters of the country.


You will find it in practically any body of fresh water in the country so, if you settle for this species, know that you are not going to leave empty. You have the Canadian and the rainbow. You will also see the bull species but it is forbidden to capture it.


Giant tunas also come from the Atlantic, so if you like fish from boat, do not rule out getting tools for large catches. In fact, there are competitions to find the most beautiful, like the one won in 2017 by two Spaniards. Cheer up!

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Sea Bass, Sirloin and Perch

They are three species typical of the waters of the province of Ontario. It’s a shame because, unfortunately, in this place, being one of the most touristy, the water pollution is greater. Even so, sport fishing is very popular and practiced.

snow crab

Very famous and, therefore, caught to the point of overexploitation, the country’s government has just banned, since the beginning of 2018, its sport fishing. We’re sorry! In fact, for commercial fishing only males are selected and the females and fry are returned to the sea, with the consequent work that this entails.

In addition, changes to fishing gear have been requested due to the high number of right whale deaths entangled in gear. Other freshwater species are carp, sea bream, eel, sturgeon.

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